Our treatments are unique, unusual even, but always effective. The healing begins before you arrive, just take a look at our surroundings! Traverse the beautiful forests of wild Finland, cross the majestic lakes, let the pristine air fill your lungs and clear your mind. Here are just a selection of the treatments we can offer when you arrive.

Potato Field Therapy

Physical labour doesn’t have to be labourious. Approached with the right mind-set, physical work in our potato fields can have huge health benefits, re-aligning the mind and body to work harmoniously in tune. It can be most rewarding to eat the potatoes you help to grow. Especially having been grown in the nutrient-rich soil of the Elämänmäki, they’re extra special!

Traditional Smoke Sauna

Nothing says welcome to the Finnish wilderness like a tradional smoke sauna. A staple part of Finnish culture for thousands of years, there’s a reason we still love them! Feel your stresses and strifes float away in the löyly steam. Our folk healer, Grata, can even offer you a range of wild herbs and flowers to add to the coals. Grata knows natural remedies for curing specific ailments, giving you that magical sauna experience.

Bird Nest Treehouses

Meditate at the tops of swaying trees to literally raise yourself out of low moods! Our Birds Nest Treehouses are unique to the Elämänmäki sanatorium, one of the famous Dr. Lybeck’s favourite treatments. Those afraid of heights needn’t worry, all our nests are equipped with a safety harness.

Colour Therapy

You may like to spend some time in our colour therapy booths. Coloured glass panels on the front of the booths filter out different light-waves, immersing your entire body in a number of colour options. You can feel the light-waves of different colours playing on the surface of our skin, whilst viewing the world through the coloured glass. A most energising experience!

Floating in the Lake of Life

Icy cold, but oh so refreshing! Speed down one of our  slides and plunge into the Lake of Life. You’ll surface with a smile on your face, your spirit brimming with giddy elation. Especially effective when combined with our tradional Finnish sauna therapy. Or you can always just float peacefully in one of our floatation rings; the water in the Lake of Life is the purest in the world and renown for its healing properties. It must be experienced to be believed.