Highly experienced health professionals are here to make sure you get the most from your stay at the Elämänmäki sanatorium. Under the leadership of the internationally renown Dr. Lybeck, we boast a world-class team, skilled in many areas of holistic medicine. Our ancient folk healer, Grata, is something of a legend in these parts. Whilst our multi-talented massuer and guide, Erkka, is the best in the business.

Dr. Lybeck

Dr. Lybeck is the most pioneering mental health doctor of our time, and the founder of the Elämämäki Sanatorium. He was doctor to the Tsars, and is one of the most respected medical practitioners in the whole of Europe.

The sanatorium was established in 1906, it is a peacful retreat where Dr. Lybeck can use his natural healing techniques to help patients suffering with a wide range of mental illnesses.


Grata is our resident folk healer and spiritual therapist. Nobody knows how old she is, or where she came from, but she’s been at the Elämänmäki since long before Dr. Lybeck built his sanatorium here.

A valued member of the team, Grata helps our residents reconnect with nature and re-familiarise themselves with their beginnings. As a facilitator of a mutually respectful relationship between human spirits and nature spirits, Grata’s methods can do wonders for mental and physical wellbeing.


Erkka is our in-house massuer and acts as a local guide for the residents. He has lived at the foot of the Elämänmäki for twenty years, looking after horses and designing games from his cabin in the woods.

He has a fantastic knowledge of Finnish folklore and mythology, as well as being something of an expert on Iron Age survival, and a very well-read philosopher. Recently he has been working with our residents Jamie and Emmi as they research, write, and draw their upcoming comic Elämänmäki: The Hill of Life.