We strive to make our pioneering treatment available to all; aristocrats, artists, scholars, and factory workers. Our residents arrive at the Elämänmäki sanatorium from all over the world, and all walks of life. There’s no better place on earth to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Here are just a few of our current residents.


Elsa is Dr. Lybeck’s daughter, recently arrived from Helsinki. We are delighted that she is back and glad we can offer some respite from the trauma of the capital.

Unfortunately her studies were cut short because of the political upheaval tearing through our country. She continues to diligently study her books and will return to university once the violence there dies down. For now, we are doing all we can to aid her recovery.


Leonid joined us at the start of summer after years of struggling with his mental health. He is taking a keen interest in our work therapy programme, finding his self-worth and feeling capable again.

An accident at the Finlayson factory in Tampere left Leonid disabled and unable to work. His physical injuries long since healed, it is the mental scars that trouble him. After a failed suicide attempt, Leonid’s brothers brought him to the Elämänmäki sanatorium. We have enjoyed working with Leonid and are thrilled to see him recovering so quickly.


Howard is one of our long-term residents, having been with us since 1912. Originally from England, he spent the past five years learning the Finnish language and gathering local myths and legends from our ancient folk healer, Grata.

He was sent to us by his mother, an English Duchess, and arrived suffering with gluttony and letharthy. Thanks to Dr. Lybeck’s pioneering natural remedies, Howard soon found his get-up-and-go! He can often be seen walking the landscape, or annotating local newspapers to send home to mother and show his new language skills. We think it’s rather sweet.


Emmi is a visual artist from Tampere, she joined us recently to make sketches of the settings, people, and spirit guardians of the Elämänmäki. Together with Jamie and with our very own Erkka as a local guide, Emmi has been researching in preparation for drawing the comic that Jamie is writing here. We are delighted to welcome such a brilliant artist to the sanatorium!


Jamie is another recent addition to the sanatorium family, he is a writer from the UK creating a story set at the Elämänmäki. He’s been walking the landscape with Emmi and our local guide Erkka, researching his subject matter and writing a fiction story inspired by this ancient centre for healing. Emmi will then draw the script that Jamie writes. We can’t wait to see the comic that comes from the minds of this talented duo!